Suunto Regatta Marine Watch


Suunto Regatta Marine Watch


Suunto Regatta Marine Watch
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I've had this watch about 2 months now and I really enjoy it. My only complaint is it's a little big, but I can live with it. I had to use the compass function a few days ago, and it's very easy to use and understand.
I did have to contact their customer support concerning a read-out I couldn't see in the "Sail" mode. Well according to their customer service the Regatta doesn't have a sail mode! I never did convice the rep that I was emailing back and forth with that the Regatta did have a sail mode. Fortunately, I figured the problem out myself. That concerns me some, what happens if I have a major problem?
But overall, I would buy this watch again. If you shop around, you can find it cheaper than Amazon.

Just received my Suunto Regatta. I went back and forth about spending the extra $ and getting the yachtman. In the end I determined that a barometer would be nice but did not give me an advantage in the one design racing I do. Used the watch for in my first race and found it easy to use. I like the fact that you have to press the stop button twice to get the count down to stop. Makes it really hard for the countdown to be accidentally stopped during the sequence. The display is VERY easy to read even in direct sunlight. It is fairly large and extremely light weight. I almost don't notice I have it on. I did get the neoprene strap and replaced the hard plastic stap that that watch shipped with. I would highly recommend the new strap.
The watch has a bunch of extra functions that I don't think I will really ever use. There is a stopwatch and countdown function in the sub menu for the time display as well as a stopwatch and countdown function in the sail timer function. Not sure why the double functions.
The only fault I have with the watch is the beeps it produces are not loud enough. Thankfully it was light wind the first time I used it. I could still hardly hear the beeps for each minute and during the final minute countdown. If it had been winding and sails luffing as we all approached the line I doubt I could have heard the watch as all. This is a BIG disappointment given that this watch was specially designed for sailboat racing. After the race I change the band out to the stock band (thinking the neoprene band was muffling the sound). Unfortunately this did not have the desired effect. Could have gotten away with a watch for less $ but all in all not a bad value.

Product Description

Whether you are a dinghy sailor, a competitive yachtsman or just a weekend boater, the Suunto Regatta is an invaluable tool which will help make the most of any sailing experience.Sailing timerSuunto Regatta's sailing timer allows you to set the time left to start and synchronize the timer with the race committee at any time with a push of a button. Large numerals and audible warning signals let you concentrate more on maneuvering your boat in the swarming of the start, while Suunto Regatta keeps you informed on up-coming critical moments.CompassThe electronic compass shows your bearing in cardinal or half-cardinal points and a North-South arrow. You can also use the bearing tracking function, ensuring that you stay on course. A rotating bezel ring with a ratchet at every five degrees is particularly helpful determining the start line bias and for memorizing the wind direction.TimeIn addition to basic time keeping functions Suunto Regatta has a calendar clock pre-programmed to the year 2089, three daily alarms and a regular countdown timer. Additionally, Suunto Regatta features dual time and a stopwatch.

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Suunto Regatta Marine Watch

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